Book 1: An Infidelitous Earth

James McCrary is not a bad man, just a better animal. It’s the reason Uwe Löwe sprang him from juvenile detention and groomed him as his hunter protege. The reason he prefers his steak “extra rare.” The reason executors from New York to Berlin trust him to “cull” unruly gargoyles. It’s no wonder, then, that in 1996 Walter Brimford calls on him to track down the most dangerous pyromancer London has ever faced and recover the most potent artifact the world has ever known.

But the pyromancer, Casey Aduro, is more than an elementalist turned traitor and he’s after more than the Eye of Vaos. From New York to Berlin there are more gargoyles and dragons than can be hidden from the human eyes. There are dwarves and elves lobbying for desegregation, there are people looking for answers, and there are wicked men waiting for an opportunity.

James has the help of a 6’4” dwarf, a telepathic ecologist, and a loudmouth prince in exile, but against the gorgons, cultists, and elementalists hiding in Earth’s shadows, he has a ghost of a chance at winning. If he succeeds, he’ll finally have the means to give up the hunt forever, but is that what he wants?

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